Personal Testimonials

"Shirley is FREE! She is open, receptive, a great listener and free to suggest the right solutions for whatever needs fixing - business or personal. The increase in my business profits, thanks to Shirley, have covered our monthly meeting and I've learned so much! I highly recommend working with Shirley".

Sylvia Greer, Art Consultant for Corporate Art at Sylvia Greer

"Shirley, Our revenue this year has taken off like a rocket. Thank you for being a big part of the reason I am almost at my year in this hotel".

J Rebecca - Hotel GM

"I'm so excited this morning. I have my third session with Shirley Polak. She is a Mind Coach. She is amazing. She's helping Toni Balfour and I take our business to the next level as well as showing me how to have focused thoughts to get good results. I love her and she's so beautiful inside and out".

Stephanie Kanan

"I would recommend having sessions with Shirley to anyone. I have had only 8 sessions with Shirley and my life has turned a huge corner for the better. I was totally stuck in my life and knew partly what I wanted but just couldnt seem to get there, I just seemed to keep going around in circles. I then started to have sessions with Shirley and I started seeing things differently and things started to happen, it was amazing. It was one week where Shirley said to me that I was going to get answers this week......and that is certainly what happened, it was amazing!!!! I couldn't believe it!! Two and a half months down the line I have got a new job promotion, selling my flat and am moving back nearer home!!. And now I feel ready to settle down, something I have wanted for 3 years but for some reason could not seem to make happen.
I would recommend Shirley to anyone who feels a bit unsure of their direction and needs some guidance as to how to find their way. She is worth her weight in gold! Thank you Shirley".

Debbie Davidson

"Shirley Polak is a professional, personable mind coach who have helped and coached me, and gave me tools, especially in matters pertaining to important business and personal decisions. I recommend her services to all and referred her to a number of business colleagues with great results."

Chris Shemza - A Web Designer

"Shirley is very personable and focused on each individual. Her enthusiasm and energy are contagious and her honesty and perseverance, as well as the trustworthiness she conveys, have allowed me to open-up and look at the some core topics in my life. I would recommend Shirley's mind-coaching skills and services to anyone seeking to live a more authentic life and find clarity for themselves around specific issues or life in general."


"Shirley has been really great in helping me take care of the little details I missed when opening my business. I spent so much time thinking big picture, she helped me create a foundation that I can now build my business upon. Strong and to the point may not be for everyone at every point in their business, but it was a great building block that I needed to get everything on a proper course for success."

Dr. Nimira

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