Additional Personal Testimonials

"Shirley will get into your mind and force you to think, re-evaluate, re-think your work habits, your methods and she will lead you to the path of greater efficiency. Her blunt honesty and pretty smile are also some her great attributes. I remain forever impressed."

Franck Morineau

What a powerful Mind Coach, Shirley is. I experienced a one-on-one session with her and felt so seen, 'held', loved and reflected. She does excellent work and I highly recommend her for someone seeking to gain greater life mastery!

Laurel Airica

"Shirley Polak has given me a gift. It is a box full of tools for me to use when I need to know what's next for me in life and what I need to do to make my life better. It is a gift that will always be with me and I thank you, Shirley. You are so special and wonderful."

Sheila Koobrick DiDomenico

"Honest, dedicated, hard working and knowledgable. That is what Shirley is. If you are ready to set your wheels in motion then call her to begin the co-creative coaching process today! Shirley will be in your corner every step of the way. She'll be your lighthouse and your compass, all the while being straight up and practical. You can't beat that in a coach!!!"

Jennifer Powers, Professional Coach & Dynamic Speaker

"I've been working with Shirley for about 5 months. My life has skyrocketed since I started working with her. It's been kind of miraculous because things have been happening effortlessly; I'm 'changing my mind' and I'm doing my homework and I don't need to struggle that much any more. Mind work is one of the best things I've done and I think other people should do it as well. I recommend her highly!"

Anita Stuppler

"I got a lot out of my time with Shirley!! Even over the phone, she asks very specific and guiding questions. She has a way of hearing what’s coming from your heart. And then she so beautifully listens, and then has a great way of showing you what you are asking to see. She doesn’t waste time!"

Lucas Dudley (Entrepreneur)

"Shirley is a very good listener; she asks me questions and hears me out. She gives me very productive direction and creates exercises to keep me focused on my goals. She helps me to follow my bliss. That is what I want."

Jeff Breitman (writer, composer, videographer)

"Shirley's genuine care and the heart she puts into her work were obvious from the start. She asked all the right questions to help me find my own answers and achieve my goals."

Russell Reynolds (actor)

"Shirley Polak helped to clarify career goals for me in a very short amount of time. I knew that I wanted a change in my life, and thought that change could be anything. But Shirley was able to peel away my ideas of making a living to arrive at what truly drives me: poetry. She was easy and reassuring to talk to, intuitive, and motivational. She has a gift for helping others."

Eric Steineger (poet)

"Shirley is a gifted coach. I felt completely at ease with her skillful presence and loving approach. Her clarity was spot-on and I got what I needed thus deepening my commitment to my career. I will continue to work with Shirley to receive such precise and effective coaching - action-step by action-step."

Mel DuPuy (Breathing-Life Coach, Speaker and Women's Yoga Intensives)

"I would like to start off by saying if you’re reading this recommendation you’re indeed a lucky person by just meeting Shirley Polak. I had the pleasure of working with Shirley for over two years and she has made my life nothing less than easy. Shirley has a unique ability to get thebest out of a person. She cares only for the best results and displays a “does whatever it takes to get you where you want to get in life" action.
When you are in a position like mine (a client) you sometimes think you’ve experienced and know it all, or at least almost all of it. However, I am shocked and amazed what I have learned from Shirley and I am a better person in life and business for it. Shirley is an extremely valuable person and Ican honestly say she is irreplaceable."

Christopher A. Roache, Director of Food & Beverage, W Hotel

"Shirley, thank you for all the love and caring over the years! You have taught, guided and led me to so many insights that have allowed me to live the life you knew was possible and I only dreamed of! "

Bary Manin - Spiritual Mentor

"Shirley is a great coach. Very serious and devoted to her clients and her coaching. You MUST TRY!"

Dafna Topper - Expert Facial Therapist

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