Additional Workshop Testimonials

"Shirley Polak was AWESOME!!. She taught us some abilities that we are using right now. Shirley put everyone at ease and quickly gained their trust. A true sign of one who loves people. Change your mind, change your life!"

De'Borah Rogokos

"Thank you for your class. I felt very relaxed and at ease, without worry. I normally have a very busy work day, thinking about tasks I want to complete. Your mind tools can really help me change my mindset about my daily life. Thank you!"


"Shirley has a phenomenal talent of relaxing the mind and body so you can "feel" your brain actually conversing with itself. New experience and ways to look at my inner self. Thank you Shirley, you rock!"

Tony Davis

"Shirley, Thank you so much for leading us through a very "mind-ful" and heartfelt evening as a great reminder to live outside your comfort zone and to be aware of that auto pilot that is so easy to default to. It definitely has had me thinking today about my life and all of the things I am aspiring to be and do."


"I'm glad I went to your event! Wasn't sure what to expect, but definitely came away feeling more alive, aware, and mentally "adjusted". It was a clever combination of your teachings and the (in hindsight) simple practices of proper head/neck alignment from your guest speaker which, when combined, really DO help reset both your body and mind."

Brandon Morino

"Mind Coach Shirley and Dr. Nimira were amazing. we learned some techniques which we can implement in our daily lives today and achieve the balance necessary for our success and well being. Thank you both!"

Elena De Molina