Shirley is an Internationally Certified Mind Coach, Author and a Dynamic Speaker.
Founder of A Life to Live, based in Venice Beach, CA.

Shirley offers:
One-on-One Mind Coaching sessions: in person, phone or Skype. Perfect for individuals, couples, families and colleagues.

Groups sessions: MindSet Workshops: she creates and facilitates MindSet Workshops for corporate and                                    private settings. (find more info at the MindSet                                    Workshop & Speaker Sheet pages)

Public Speaking: she is active as a main and as a guest speaker in big events, and featured guest on business & wellness radio and live-streamed internet shows.

As an Author, Shirley published her “Mind Your Life” book and her essays are published in local newspapers.

Shirley started her journey as a Mind Coach in Israel in 2000. While studying for her BA in psychology of the mind, Shirley decided to take her mind into her own hands and started working with a coach, finding the tools to a better life. These four years of studying and experiencing herself before, during and after shaped the new her! She then realized that she had received a gift - the ability to understand the mind and how, through changing our mindset, our lives can improve drastically.

“I know what it’s like to wake up one morning and notice a change and how unbelievable that is. I decided to take that experience and teach others to do what I’ve been able to do for myself.”

Since 2000, Mind Coach Shirley has been teaching hundreds of people how to use their minds to create the life they REALLY want. She developed her approach to mind coaching based on her education in psychology as well as her own experience locally and internationally and to companies.

Shirley's biggest belief is: “Change Your MindSet - Change Your Life.”

- You all use your minds 24/7.
- You all have non stop conversations with yourselves that don't really serve   you or take you anywhere anymore.
- You live on auto pilot and in your comfort zone most of the time.
- You are not as focused, clear and fearless as you wish you were.
You name it.

If you want to move forward, grow up and improve your life, start using your mind more efficiently!

Shirley offers a FREE Power Mind Coaching Session
to anyone who wants to find out how Mind Coaching is different
and how she can help.

Please use this link to schedule:

“If you really want to help this world, what you will have to do is teach how to live in it.”

Joseph Campbell