MindSet Workshop

Change Your Mindset - Change Your Life!

If you are visiting this page, you may be considering hiring me to present my MindSet Workshop at your work or private space.

My MindSet Workshops are exciting, engaging and produce results. They provide ‘games for the mind’ which develop trust, cohesion and a true sense of teamwork. They, also, provide skills and tools on how to use one’s mind more efficiently, more productively and create stronger results at work and in life.

Workshops can be conducted at any setting, such as:
Team-bonding, staff training, lunch and learn, employee’s celebrations, private settings, theme weeks, monthly/quarterly events, and more.

How can my unique workshop help you?

We create a custom-made MindSet Workshop that matches your needs. The first step, for you and me, is to schedule a complementary meeting to brainstorm on the most desirable, focused and productive presentation.
I will present you with videos of different "games for the mind" and answer all of your questions.

Some of my workshop topics:

  • Coming out of your comfort zone
  • Overcome procrastination
  • Stop living on auto pilot
  • The stress-free life
  • Become present, clear and focused at work and in life
  • Replace useless internal mind conversations with useful ones
  • Life scheduling
  • 100% ME
  • Mind map

During our meeting we choose the length of the workshop, the location, date and time.

MindSet Workshop Testimonials:

"Mind Coach Shirley has conducted her Mindset Workshop at our Bright Horizons School and our 42 teachers LOVED every minute of it! By playing ‘mind games’ they learned new tools which they can now use to manage their time better, focus on their inner conversations and take responsibilities for their own actions. Shirley did an amazing job inspiring and empowering us. And she made us laugh. I highly recommend Shirley and her mindset workshops to other groups.”

Jessica Derby M.A. l Two's/Preschool/K Prep Education Coordinator

"I would like to personally thank Shirley for the recent mind coaching event she prepared for us at the W Los Angeles Hotel. She was very professional, organized and genuine with our employees. She gave us useful tips to help us handle stress in our lives in a fun informal setting. Our employees felt at ease with her and commented on how much they learned during this coaching event. You can tell that Shirley is passionate about what she does and genuinely believes in each and every person she works with. She was a joy to work with and I would recommend her for future events!"

Alicia Goldin / HR Director W Hotel, Los Angeles

"Shirley, I'm truly amazed at how effective I found your Mindset Workshop to be at helping me change my mind. When I arrived at the event, I felt like I was stuck in an emotional rut - a well-worn groove that was far from groovy. But in your energy field and with your games and guidance, it was like my mind got unstuck, the clouds lifted, and new choices that I could imagine before presented themselves to me. It's really made a huge, lasting difference - to my great surprise. Thank you very much. I look forward to the next opportunity to work with you."

Laurel Airica

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Event testimonials:

Kimberly Michel, Owner - MICHEL FINANCIAL GROUP
Los Angeles, CA, Oct 2015

"I have hired many Coaches and utilized various training programs over my three decades in business.
Shirley Polak brings something new, fresh and important to the table"

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David Woodbury at Arthur Murray Dance Studio
Oct 14 2014

“It is important
to slow down
in order to
speed up.”