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"The best freedom we have is that we can start a new life every day"

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Small, Consistent Steps

For exercise, I used to always walk fast on the beach. I did it for a few years and then I realized that I wanted more. Having a coach, myself, for many years and being a Mind Coach for others for more than ten years, I knew if I wanted more, I needed to do it in consistent small steps.

I was ready to run. So, I started walking-running. I ran a little and walked a lot for a few days. Then I ran more and walked less for a few days. Then I ran even more and walked even less. Then I ran one side and walked the other. Eventually I was running in both directions.

Now I can choose! The only way I could make this change in my life, at my pace, in a directed way was by doing things in small steps, consistently every day. I invite you to take my real life example and adapt it to your real life.

What can you do to start? Find something small and simple to start with. Do it one week at the time. Don't look to far ahead. Be present in the moment. By taking actions every day, in small steps and consistently, you will strengthen your mind; create a better self-belief. And then You will run!

Your Energy Should Be Important To You!

I’m sure you’ve all had moments when you felt your energy drained by someone or someplace.

Sometimes you feel like that when you expect to have a simple conversation with someone.  You know the drill: you find yourself in a social situation stuck in a corner with someone who is just talk, talk, talking about him or herself and never stops to ask about you.  Maybe they don’t see eye to eye with you or your mindset and only pretend to care about you by monopolizing your time with their words and opinions. And through it all, you continue to stand there while they go on and on...

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Create a Productive Future MindSet!

Some of you may agree with me that it is important to plan the future.  Lots of people create goals for themselves, create dream boards and promise others that they will show up there/do that...   

I believe in that, too. And I tell you right now that you can't plan for the future if you carry the past in your mind!!!

For you to be able to enjoy a productive future, you must want to learn to replace your weak, old, self-limiting PAST mind conversations with strong, new, self-empowering PRESENT and FUTURE mind conversations.  

Now, how can you do that?  

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Step Away From Your Picture!

Imagine you are painting a picture...

If you always stay within arm's length and don't put your brush down every so often to step back for a wider perspective, you may miss some opportunities to see where you need to add colors, put elements in proportion, find a different angle or an alternate point of view.

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Use Your Time Effectively!

The Bank of Time 

Each of us does business with The Bank of Time.
Every new morning (midnight) it credits your ‘life account’ with 86,400 seconds.
Every night (midnight) it writes off, as a loss, whatever of this time you have failed to invest purposefully.

The Bank of Time allows no overdraft and carries over no balance to the following day. Each new day it replenishes your ‘life account’, resets to 86,400 seconds and continues to tick. Each night it burns the remains of the day. 

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I believe that we always have a choice!! Do you?

We are choosing all our lives. What we want to eat, who we want to see, what we are going to wear, etc. We choose a lot, every day. But we also hear ourselves and other people say, I have no choice in this case; I can not choose".

If we are being honest with ourselves, we "can not choose" when we don't want to deal with the consequences of our actions, when we don't trust ourselves, when we are afraid.

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How can we coach our minds and create better lives for ourselves?

I see the mind as a toolbox. Some of the tools contained in this box are:

Habits – behaviors we practice routinely and/or ritually
Words – first formed as thoughts and then spoken aloud
Actions – those we take proactively and those that are reactions to situations
Morals - beliefs about what is right or wrong
Values - what we want or don’t want in our lives
Ambition - what we allow ourselves to achieve
Personality/Character – the sum of everything above

We have used these tools all our lives.....

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To experience clarity means to see the big picture in a wide frame, for a long time. The moment you see things widely, then you can see your life clearly.

How can we develop clarity in our lives?

Most of us look at time in terms of days, weeks and months and not in years. We are looking at our lives in portions instead of as a whole.....

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Know Your Goals

I believe that each one of us has his/her own special skills. Our skills allow us to achieve our unique goals. This works in reverse, too: our goals help us discover our best abilities. By using our best abilities to achieve our goals, we create positive change in our lives and enrich the lives of those around us.

For us to be able to reach our goals, we need to stop expecting others to change or make changes for us. Each of us must invest time on practicing being focused and fearless and create success results by doing the things we are best at.

As Gandhi said: “Be the change you want to see in the world.”...

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